Monday, March 20, 2017

Two More Chicks

When we picked out our other chicks on Wednesday they were out of the Ameraucanas which lay aqua eggs.  They assured us they would have them on the weekend.  Dayle and I went in on Friday and got our two little chickies.  As we were driving home I asked Dayle to come up with some names that make one think of Easter as they lay colored eggs.  First word, Peeps.  OH.. perfect for the little yellow one!  Next.. Jellybeans.  Yes, that will be the name of the colored one!  LOL!  They have adjusted well with the other chicks in the bathtub.  

Dayle captured the two chicks for the photo shoot in my little basket.  But they didn't show up well in the basket so I asked him to set them on the tablecloth.. lol.. 

They definitely did not show up well in the basket. :-)

Kristi made corned beef and cabbage in our Instant Pot for St. Patrick's Day and it turned out so good!  We all loved it, even the boys.  The recipe is HERE.  

We all decided we need to have this more than once a year.  LOL!

It's the first day of Spring!  Happy Spring everyone!  We made it through Winter!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 


  1. More chicks, love them and their names and that meal looks so delish Teresa.....Kristi is someone i would like to have here lol

  2. Teresa, I love your chickies and their names are perfect Peeps and Jellybeans so cute!
    Yummy eating too. xoRobn

  3. Your newest chicks are cute and I like their names. Yes we made it thru winter. But people are still complaining about the rain. A customer and I were talking last week. He wanted to know when rain will stop. Another customer said July. So that's my answer. The skiiers have been happy with all snow in the mtns this year though. Enjoy your week. :-}

  4. Such cute little chicks. Jellybeans and Peeps. Perfect Easter names! I've never been fond of corned beef and cabbage even as a child with my mother would make it for St. Patrick's Day. And the older I get the less I like it! Thankfully it isn't something Dennis craves for St. Patrick's Day so it's never been an issue. I just made a nice roast instead.

  5. Perfect...Peeps and cute! Our corned beef and cabbage were yummy, too. This year Mary chopped the potatoes and carrots and baked them separately which we really enjoyed. I am still playing catch up from being gone so much, but hope to swim Wednesday. xx

  6. Delicious food and darling chicks. Life is good!! Love the names Dale picked.

  7. They may not have photographed well, but I got a good feel for how small they are in that basket! Happy Spring Teresa. Phew, so glad it is starting here

  8. Awww how cute are they! Yummy food too. Happy Spring Teresa, yes we all made it through Winter xxx

  9. They are adorable. How cute! Hope you are feeling better.

  10. Adorable chicks! They look so cute and perky!
    Helen xox


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