Monday, January 22, 2018

Freedom of Speech - My First Rally

On Saturday I attended my first political rally and march in downtown Portland, Oregon.  I decided that I wanted to take a stand on what I feel is right. 

I began my peace activism during the Vietnam war, when I saw all of those wonderful young men sent there and so many were killed - 58,000 of our military - gone.  No one could really explain why we were there.. it seemed like such a senseless war.  

Dayle is such a good man, he drove me there and dropped me and my folding chair off and found a nearby parking spot to wait for me.  He even walked over to be with us for a while.  I met my younger sister Denise and 3 of her friends there.  I made the 2 florescent pink signs for us.  I must say, it was a great day of solidarity and I came away filled with hope for the future.

Dayle and Denise took turns taking a photo, this one she is behind me.

My sister was a favorite of the photographers and ended up being on the television news and in lots of photos I found on the internet!  :-)

These two little girls walked around the Terry Schrunk Plaza where many of us chatted with them and snapped a photo.  I am glad to see young Hispanic girls learning to stand up for their rights.

We rallied and marched in opposition of the man who is living in the White House and embarrasses our country on a daily basis.  This particular march was called the "Impeachment March".  All of these people came here to say, enough is enough, we need to remove this man from office who does not represent our country in a good light.  Who is bringing our world to the brink of nuclear war.  Who cheats on his wives, who bragged about grabbing a woman by her private parts because you can do that if you're "famous", the list goes on, you know it all or you should.  His disdain for people of color is obvious.  This is not okay.

This guy was in a wheelchair and he made the effort to come to this rally, several others in wheelchairs and walkers and canes came to make their stand too.

One of the highlights of this rally was this little girl.. some music was played and an old man was dancing.. this darling child came to the middle of the plaza and turned to look at everyone.. then she began to mimic the movements of the old man and raised her arms and did a slow dance.. everyone was charmed.

She is being raised to be involved.

Cute little darling.

I was one of the first people there but people kept arriving and filling the place.

One of the speakers at the rally, I did not get her name but she was from one of the countries that 45 called a "shit-hole country".  I simply cannot imagine a sitting president saying such things.  It has got to stop.

She had a powerful message, racism is not acceptable in our America, the "melting pot".

The guy in front of me had the MOST amazing photographic set-up, his iPhone was in a frame, and there was a big zoom lens in the front of the camera lens on the phone, it was all connected up to a battery pack in his backpack.  

The crowd grew and grew.. 

There were several other speakers, all beseeching us to fight racism and support each other's rights.  And to VOTE.  To get good people in office who will represent ALL of us, not just the billionaires in our country.  

I can only hope this administration that is tearing down our environment, inciting racism and division will be the call to action of the good people in our country to change things for the better.

And then the march began, and it was peaceful and strong and there were no arrests.  I made my way to the street where Dayle picked me up after the march moved north.  

We watched the local news and on KATU, there was my sister Denise carrying her sign in the march!  :-)

I know there are those who disagree with me on this, and to you, I'm sorry if it upsets you.  But I must speak my truth and shout out how I feel.   This is a chant from the march -- "NO TRUMP, NO KKK, NO RACISM IN THE USA!!!

((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, January 19, 2018

Asperitus Clouds & Strings Concert

Hi!  I left LA Fitness on Wednesday and looked up and the sky and was AMAZED at what I saw!  I'd never seen the sky look like this.  Apparently a LOT of people were similarly impressed and shared photos on Facebook.  I also snapped these with my iPhone.  Have you ever seen anything like this?

Our local weatherman informed us that these are called "Undulatus Asperatus" (old name) or "Asperitas" clouds. They look like cotton-candy or an upside down wave-filled ocean. Just this past year the World Meteorological Organization approved the new name (Asperitas). They are caused by wave-like motions at the base of the clouds. 

Truthfully it was a bit frightening.. what do you think?

Kristi got a new vacuum and was so excited about it, here she is showing it off to us.  You gotta love a daughter-in-law who likes to vacuum.  :-)  This is a Shark - what kind do you use?

Last night was our grandson Hayden's "Strings Concert".  I was properly amazed by how MANY kids in our school are playing string instruments!  Our Hayden is there, 3rd in on the left.

What is neat is his best friend plays with him.  Aren't they cute?

The middle school and high school players joined in, I estimate 75-100 kids.  I've emailed the strings director at school to find out exactly how many.  (ETA - 105 kids played last night!)

Concentrating on reading the music.  :-)

Concert over, bows and bravos!  Love these boys!

I am all set for the rally and march tomorrow.  I got a new rain jacket, found my pink cat hat, and now I've been driving myself a bit crazy trying to figure out what to put on my "protest" sign.   Any suggestions??  HELP!!  I got some florescent pink foam core board and a BIG black marker.. now to decide on my message.  Have a great weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Laptop Cover, Crochet & Cookery

Hi there!  I just had to show you the new laptop cover I found for my MacBook Pro.  When I ordered this laptop they only had two colors, silver or space grey.  I went with the dark grey for a change of pace, but boy does it show the dust.  I'm constantly cleaning it.  So when I saw that a company was making wood covers with thin veneers of real wood I knew I wanted one.  The choices of wood are wonderful, cedar, walnut, maple, mahogany, cherry.. and redwood burl.. bingo.. I fell in love.  It arrived yesterday and I put it on and have been enjoying it ever since.  Such a nice feel of wood instead of cold metal!

I am not affiliated with the company, just sharing my find, it comes from "Cover-Up".  They even have shell and stone covers.  I think it's really cool.

I've gotten a few more rows of my Woodland Blanket done, I'm doing a fairly wide blanket so it's not growing fast by any means.  I won't win any races here, but that's okay.  I'm doing random striping and doing my own thing that way, but Lucy is totally cool with that.  :-)

I've had a few people ask me about the low carb regimen I'm on and so I hope you don't get tired of seeing my cooking!  Costco had a big sale on whole beef tenderloins so we got a few more and Dayle will be cutting steaks and Kristi said she'd work with him and vacuum packing them in 2 steak bags for the freezer.  I'm all set!  :-)  Below is a steak grilling on my Le Creuset grill pan, the whole meal only takes 15-20 minutes to make.  I put the meat on, sprinkle it with garlic powder, pepper, NuNu's Cajun seasoning and some Worcestershire.  While I'm grilling the meat I snap off the ends of asparagus and slice some fresh mushrooms and add them to the pan.  I toss and turn the veggies and when the steak is done so are the veg.  

This pan would handily grill 4 steaks but so far the family is eating their own thing and I'm cooking for myself if what they are having isn't something that I can have.  But soon we're going to have a steak night for all 7 of us.

I thought I'd show you where we mounted the "EAT HERE" sign - right outside the kitchen.  :-)  

I am off to swim soon.. I haven't been as loyal to my swimming since Gracie is not here to meet in the pool.. :-)  But I'm going today.  

I'm going downtown on Saturday at 12:30 pm to join others in a "Women's March" event.  My sister Denise is joining me.  I will be there for the speeches and to support the effort, but won't be able to actually march too far, but Dayle is going to drop me off right there and will find somewhere to hang out until I call him to pick me up.  He is so supportive of my social concerns of what is happening in our country with racism and women's rights, actually human rights as I'm worried about the poor, the children and the elderly who are being impacted by the way the current administration seems only to care about padding the bank accounts of those who are already overly wealthy.  I'm so alarmed at how the rich few have so much and the poor masses are being stripped further of basic human rights such as food, shelter and health care.  So.. I'm going to be there to voice my opposition to this administration.  Want to join me?  :-)
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Crochet, Tablecloth & MLK Day

How was your weekend?  We had a nice easygoing one.  I crocheted!  I'm behind in the CAL, but that is not going to stop me.  I am slow, but meticulous.  :-)  What did you do?

With 7 of us living here in the old farmhouse we had to add another leaf to the table.  Which made many of my tablecloths too short and the ones for when the table was fully extended too long.  SO.. you know what that means, I had to get a new tablecloth, right?  Of course.  Kristi measured the table for me and 106 inches was the size we needed.  

The white background and flowers are the perfect change from the reds and greens of December. It's cotton and I like the batik look of the blue print background and there are sprays of flowers here and there.

And it has a gorgeous border.  Do you use tablecloths or are you a bare table and placemats kind of person?

More of my low carb cooking.  I'm very happy using my Le Creuset grill pan for steaks.  A bit of garlic powder, pepper, NuNu's Cajun seasoning and some Worcestershire sauce.  Voila!

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day - He was a great and brave and amazing man.  My message today is - Share Love and Make Our World a Better Place.  :-)

Spread Love - Have a Wonderful Week!  I'm attending a 
Women's March on Saturday.  More about that later.
((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, January 12, 2018

Piano Lessons

Caleb had his 2nd piano lesson on Wednesday.  I really am impressed with his teacher.  She is teaching him the "rules" of reading music.  Teaching him quarter, half and whole notes.  I love listening to what she's teaching him.  He even played Old McDonald Had a Farm.  She said he is doing very well.

She talks to him the whole time, teaching, explaining and he's learning.  :-)

He has to practice 3 times between lessons.  He'd doing it right now.  It's SO convenient that she comes here to teach.  

I volunteered at Multnomah Falls yesterday with my sister Denise.  It poured down rain the whole day.  We can't park by the lodge now due to the fire and the potential of landslides and rocks falling.  So, we had to park out in the middle of the freeway and walk under the freeway bridge and the railroad bridge and over the creek bridge to get to the lodge.  It poured the whole way and by the time we got there were pretty wet.  Last time we went under the railroad bridge when a train was going over and it was SO loud and quite frankly scary.  I'm glad a train was not going over this time.  It was too rainy to walk up to the fence to get a photo of the massive amounts of water going over the falls.. it was roaring.  I snapped this from my car.. can you see how much rain is coming down?

I snatched this photo off Facebook.. it's hard to get the lodge and the falls in one photo.

I have to go to a meeting soon about the writing of a book about Vista House.  Should be interesting.  Have a fab weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Rippling Away

I've been crocheting along on the blanket I'm making in Lucy at Attic24 blog's CAL (crochet along).  I really love this pattern, it's not boring at all but is easily memorized.  It's curvy and lacy and quite beautiful.  

Lucy's blog was the first I'd ever seen, I didn't even know what they were.  My younger sister Denise had found it and suggested I might enjoy it.  Not only did I instantly fall in love with Lucy and her positive personality but she inspired me to take up my crochet hook and start to use brightly colored yarn instead of the beiges and browns that my hippie, earth mother self had been using.  :-)  I owe Lucy so much, the inspiration to crochet again, to stretch my mind and bring bright colors into my life.  I now have to decide to do the "color story" of Lucy's design or the "random colors" one.  I'm tempted to do the random colors one as the color story one has all the blue at the top to be the sky.. hmm.. which would you do?

I snapped a photo of my sister Roberta giving the program at our Daughters of the American Revolution meeting on Monday - it was about the flags of the states of our members.  It was very interesting.  And just looks at woodwork of the furniture behind her.  We had the meeting at the Old Spaghetti Factory and it's full of old antique furniture and stained glass windows.  I enjoy that.

There were two of these fabulous windows in the meeting room.

I made my lunch yesterday of chicken tenderloins, cubed and sauteed in butter, garlic powder, pepper and NuNus cajun seasoning and an avocado with dill dressing.  And I'm down past a number on the scale that I was anxious to get past.  :-)

Well.. time to make lunch, pack my swim bag and head to the pool.  Then home to crochet more and listen to Caleb's 2nd piano lesson.  I am looking forward to when he is playing songs and leaning new ones all the time.  

What are you up to today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Woodland CAL and Tads Chic Dump

Hello, how was your weekend?  I did some crocheting.  My friend Lucy at Attic24 blog is doing a CAL (crochet a long) with her new "Woodland" blanket.  When I saw the pattern and the colors she was using I jumped right on board.  

Here is the bag of yarn for the blanket I got from Wool Warehouse in England, Stylecraft yarn.

I began with the swatch to get comfortable with the design and to see if my G hook that was recommended would give me the right size.  Mine came out slightly bigger as I'm a medium tension crocheter, but after doing a second one with a slightly smaller F hook and it came out the same size 19 cm.  So, I'm using my favorite G hook.  Here I am reading the pattern and beginning.

The 1st swatch.  I love the curviness of this pattern and the lacy open parts.  It's fun to do.

I purchased this painting from a friend who is downsizing, it's by Captain Lars Wiklund.  I have had a print of his above our mantel for years that I traded from him to design his website.  I even visited his home in Benicia, CA to talk to him about it and met him and his wife and got to see his studio.  It's neat to have an original oil of his nautical paintings.  Now to figure out where to hang it to best effect.

Dayle and I went to Tad's Chicken 'n' Dumplins for dinner last night.  It was nice, it was a very late lunch or early dinner at 4:30 and so there was still light enough to see the Sandy River.

2 drift boats floated by with fishermen trying to catch the big one before it got dark.  :-)

I had salmon grilled in butter and green beans with ham and a salad before that.  I did not have the rolls which "were" a favorite of mine, nor did I have the baked potato with butter and dill dressing.  wah.

This is the oldest part of the restaurant, I love the wood walls and ceiling, the checkered curtains and the crackling fire.  :-) The embodiment of coziness.

On the way out was completely dark and I snapped this photo of their sign - the story is that half the neon sign burned out and the restaurant got the nickname the "chic dump".  When the owner got the sign fixed the community was unhappy, so the owner put it back the way it was.  :-)

OK.. I'm off to my Daughters of the American Revolution meeting.  My sister Roberta is giving the program today.  I am taking my swim bag along in case there is time after the meeting to swim my hour of laps.  Have a super week!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)