Friday, March 23, 2018

Growing Things and New Bunny

I've added some different colored daffodils to our garden.  I love this one with the orange center and ivory outer petals.  I got several more bulbs last year and Kristi planted them for me in a big huge pot of ours and they came up and guess what?  Not ONE of them has a bud!  Just leaves!  What??  So we have to wait a whole year to see what the flowers will be?  Talk about anticlimactic!  :-)

This is the second one of the new ones we planted at the base of the dark purple Lilac near our walkway to the deck.

The Star Magnolia is blooming.  It's out by the country road we live on.  I love this small tree.

See all the buds?

Kind of pretty against the blue sky, this tree sits next to a 70 foot tall Douglas Fir tree.

And for some indoor garden news.. the boys little garden has tomato flowers and tiny little tomatoes growing!  Can you believe it?  Kristi has this little bee shaped brush for pollinating the flowers.  :-)

I just find growing tomatoes on the kitchen counter amazing.

Here is the Green Pepper blossoms and little peppers.

I have a new glass bunny.  I was looking on Etsy and saw this one on the right, it had the original candy inside and the original stopper/label on the bottom that hold the candy in.  

Here is the original label/stopper, they were made in the 50s, and I was born in 1949, so they are the same age as I am.  LOL!

This one has the original pastel colored candy in it, not to be eaten, obviously.  

I saw this adorable bird photo on Facebook and grabbed it to share with you.. this is a Cardinal and I adore them.  But for some crazy reason they aren't found in Oregon.  I wish they'd move here!  LOL!

I've gotten a few more stripes added to my Woodland blanket.  Dayle and I are ill with a virus/cold/flu thing.  I'm missed swimming all week and also could not meet up with Gracie because I don't want her to catch this.

I wanted to share this Time magazine cover with you.  These kids were just regular high school students a few weeks ago.  But due to their school, Parkland, being attacked by a mentally unstable gunman and the loss of 17 innocent young students, these kids have turned into activists.  I'm so proud of them!  And they have inspired students all over America to take to the streets in peaceful protests.  They are not asking to abolish the 2nd amendment, they are asking for gun sellers to stop selling military style assault weapons.  I'm with them on this.  

I forgot to share with you the results of my sleep test.  In one hour I stopped breathing 167 times!  Imagine!  My baseline oxygen level was 84% and went down to 68%.  Normal is 88%.  SO, I qualified for a new bi-pap machine.  Sheesh.  

More rest is in the cards for today.  I'm hoping to be on the upswing after this weekend.  Do you have any fun weekend plans?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

New Duvet & Nice Auntie

We decided it was time to get a new mattress for our bed as the other one was 15 years old.  So off we went mattress testing.  How weird is it to lay on one mattress after another in front of other people?  Not super relaxing.  :-)  After testing them at three different stores and all the subsequent discussions over which one to get.. we went with the very first one.  How often is that the case?  The mattresses won't be delivered for another few weeks, but last weekend we decided that we should get a new down comforter and duvet cover for the new bed.  You sure can tell I'm an old hippie!  Dayle thinks that this looks like the old "Indian bedspreads" we used in the 60's.  

I love the pattern!  After I downloaded this photo I noticed there are 2 pine needles on the bed.. that's what happens when your dog sleeps with you.  :-)  Do you have subdued colors on your bed, or do you go for brights?

My younger sister Denise just got back from a cruise down the coast of Mexico to Cabo San Lucas, Huatulco, Puerto Chappas, Puerto Questzal, Guatemala, San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, through the Panama Canal and then Cartagena, Colombia.  She brought this bright colored soap dish for me, isn't she sweet?

Also this neat bottle of Mexican Vanilla.

And she brought each of the boys a hand-woven friendship bracelet and a hand-crocheted little bag/necklace which holds a tiny handmade doll inside.  Thank you, Denise!  She also got some amazing photos while on her trip.

I had planned to meet Gracie at the pool for a swim today but I am suffering from a cold and did not want to share it with her, plus I don't think it's good to spend an hour in cool water and walk around with wet hair when you're not well.  So, it's home for me today.  Yes, Gracie has returned from her long stay in California with her sister.  I look forward to seeing her soon!  I hope you are having a good week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Bunnies, Eggs & Gnomes

Hello Peeps!  Yesterday I stowed my leprechauns in a bin and brought out some Easter decorations.  My egg tree, some bunnies and eggs, etc.

The bunny I sewed by hand, design by Alicia Paulson, I even knitted her dress!  My crocheted Easter eggs.

The Easter egg candles Kristi surprised me with last year.

The old glass bunny which originally filled with colorful jelly beans.

My collection of Peter Rabbit character figurines.

A basket of eggs and a chick sent to me from a blog friend in England, Lucy.

And introducing this year's addition to the collection, 3 adorable figurines designed by Bethany Lowe. *love*

I adore the crocheted eggs and chick.

A cute little nest with speckled eggs.

A fellow blogger, Sue at "The Cottage at the End of a Lane", showed some tacky gnomes at a store and did a post about those who love garden gnomes and those that don't.  I told her I have a cute little cast iron gnome that I told her I'd show her.  What is your vote on garden gnomes, yea or nay?

I added some colorful hobnail vases to my collection, all I had before was white.  I think these are so cute and I can't wait to put some Lilys-of-the-Valley or lilacs in them.

Last evening Hayden came in from outside and told me to grab my camera and come outside - there was a Hawk in the trees.  Unfortunately my camera focused on the branch above the bird and the bird is fuzzy.. then he flew away.

My granddaughters at the Father Daughter Dance in Ohio.  Jenna is getting so tall and pretty and adorable Paige is a character!

We have a busy day ahead!  My brother is in town so we're meeting him and my sisters for lunch.  Then an appt. with my lung doctor after that.  Then on to a board meeting of the Friends of Multnomah Falls.  What's on your docket today?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Retirement Party at Vista House

Yesterday Dayle and I attended a retirement party for Kevin Price held at Vista House.  He worked for Oregon Parks & Recreation Dept. overseeing the state parks in the Columbia River Gorge, of which Vista House at Crown Point State Park was a jewel in the crown of the parks in the gorge.  

This is the approach to Vista House from the West, with Washington State across the Columbia River Gorge.

I was one of the founders of the Friends of Vista House and served as Executive Director for 15 years.  This was my commute.  :-)  My office was in the lower level for those years.

Vista House was built as a viewpoint and comfort station in 1917-18 after the completion of the Historic Columbia River Highway.

The interior of the building is wonderful, the floor is Alaskan Tokeen marble and the walls are made of Kasota limestone.  It has wonderful original heavy glass and bronze light fixtures.

Many friends that worked with Kevin Price over the years came to honor him.  That is Kevin on the right, telling a story.

He was presented with a wonderful framed document to honor his work with the Historic Columbia River Highway Advisory Committee.  Kevin is known for his booming voice and was given a gag gift of a gold painted bull-horn. 

Kevin and I - Old friends.

Here is the certificate of appreciation - if you click on the image you can see a bigger version.  It has historic photos of different sections of the historic highway.

I am chatting with Jeanette Kloos here, she was hired by Oregon Department of Transportation to lead the charge on restoring the Historic Columbia River Highway.  After years of work for ODOT, upon her retirement, she founded the Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway and has led that group as it's president since its inception.  

I am always in awe of the ceiling of Vista House.  See the carved sections?  Each of the eight panels has a different pioneer family name on the crest in the center of them.  Each one also has carved leaves and flowers of Oregon fauna and other things such as shovels, wheelbarrows and tools.

There are 4 different Native American Indian heads on the walls, they look across an image of themselves.  During the restoration the stained glass was restored and broken pieces replaced and all the years of paint on the limestone walls was removed the the stone reinforced.

The marble clock with bronze numerals and hands is original to the building.  Interesting story - when the restoration was finished on the interior of Vista House the clock was missing.  Kevin called the restoration company and asked where it was, they informed him it was THEIRS!  Well.. Kevin told them in no uncertain terms that they were to return it immediately or he would be contacting the police.  It was quickly returned and re-installed in it's place of honor.  :-)

Kevin's replacement at Rooster Rock State Park on the left is Clay Courtright.  Can you believe that I knew him as a cute little tow-headed boy who was our Horse 4-H leader's son?  He went to school with our kids at Corbett.

Dayle got some shots of the view from Vista House for me, this is looking West towards Portland, Oregon.  Washington on the right.

Looking East where you can see Beacon Rock and Bonneville Dam.  Washington State on the left, Oregon on the right.

There is snow in the Silver Star Mountains on the Washington side.

A last look at my beloved building and good memories of honoring Kevin Price, my good friend.  May he enjoy his retirement as much as I am!  

We are having a 100th Anniversary Celebration of Vista House in April.  I will be leading the DAR Centennial Chorus to sing the National Anthem - The Star Spangled Banner at the ceremony.  :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)