Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On the Waterfront

Hello friends.  How are you doing?  We are happy as clams.  :-)  We got on the road yesterday around noon and although I was playing Scrabble on my phone and missed Dayle going the wrong way.. (I'm the navigator).. we got to the beach in good time.  We usually go through McMinnville and come home via Salem.. this time we took the Salem route first.  We were amazed and quite pleased to arrive and set up with sunny skies and warm sun on us!  It was so nice that we had the door open and enjoying this view out the trailer window!

We relaxed and enjoyed our new view for a while and then headed out for an early dinner.. as we didn't have lunch due to our change in route.  :-)  I snapped this image of our view looking north as we left.

Looking southwest.. 

We had a wonderful dinner at Georgie's Grill in Newport, halibut fish and chips.. and we shared a bowl of clam chowder.. nummers.  Then we drove to the Yaquina Bay park to catch the sunset.. it's just a few minutes drive from the restaurant.    

Day is done.. gone the sun.. 

It's interesting how some sunsets are reds and orange and some are gold.

We were right above the jetty and heard the US Coast Guard helicopter coming by.. zoom.. snap.. 

See him out above the ocean?

A moody evening shot of Yaquina Bay Bridge.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse.

As I was packing I ran across the one pair of socks that I knitted.. this photo is for KathyB who loves to knit socks.  :-)  I used cotton sock yarn.  These were such a brain strain for me that after finishing the pair I've never knitted a second set.. but I did finally buy some sock yarn and have a pattern.. I just *might* cast on while we're here.

The pair.

We have a lovely lazy day stretching ahead of us.. :-)

I have to finish one of the 3 hats I made for my nephew's girls.. and 3 flowers to make for the side of them.  They plan to visit us at our trailer on Thursday which will be fun.  I hope your week is going well!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Big Red Flowers, Boys on Boat & 3 Girl Hats

I have a red Hibiscus tree in a pot in the dining room.  It's not the most attractive plant to be honest.. but boy does it put out some spectacular blooms!  Yesterday I was happy to see three big red blooms as I walked to the kitchen to make my morning coffee.  *LOVE*

I think 3 flowers are the most at one time I've ever had.  

If you ever want a plant that will bring you joy all year, this is the one.

Dayle, Travis and his work friend Ernie took out boat out fishing the other day - they didn't catch any fish but they were in a very scenic area, in fact, that is Multnomah Falls way over there!

Someday I want to be on the boat and explore this area from the river.  :-)

Funny thing is when I was driving home from the hot springs we spied the boat and just past where we saw it I saw a big barge and hoped the guys would not be in the middle of the shipping lane when it went by.  WELL.. I guess they were right on the edge of the shipping lane.  

Dayle was in the back of the boat fishing.. (see his fishing pole?) and was rather surprised by it coming by so closely.  :-)

Then a nice big boat owned by National Geographic went by.  Always something exciting on the river.

Look at the neat surprise Kristi got for me!  She said.. "You didn't have a Halloween tablecloth."  Isn't it great?  It's 100% cotton, too.. my favorite.  It's on the table now after a washing.. and I'm going to decorate the table for Halloween before we leave for the beach tomorrow.. the boys love those decorations.  

I'm almost done with the third hat for my nephew's girls.  I am happy to be able to make 3 hats out of one skein!  Pretty good, huh?  It's neat how the colors in this yarn self-stripe.. each hat is coming out with it's own personality.  I will make flowers for the sides of them, each a different color.  Fun!

Today we're packing up to leave tomorrow for a week in our trailer right on the beach.  I was worried about how stormy it might be there, even though I even love the ocean in all it's moods.. but the forecast is for quite a bit of fair weather, can you believe it?  My next post will be all beachy.. :-)  I hope you have a wonderful week, too!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Yarn, Volcanic Plug, Gushing Falls and Baby Hats

I guess I'll start with the yarn.. :-)  Someone posted on Facebook the other day about a new line of yarn from Red Heart and it looked intriguing.  SO.. after swimming on Wednesday I found it and instantly loved it.. it's so soft, brilliant colors, looks like hand-spun single ply.. what's not to love?  I thought it would be fun to work with for making things for donating and gifts.  I got 2 skeins each of 4 color-ways.  


Stained Glass.


Sunrise.  And to be honest, these photos do not do the real colors justice.  They are brilliant and shiny and soft.  I would call them jewel toned.  More yarn-y photos after a few scenics.. :-)

After lunch and swimming at the hot springs on Wednesday we drove west along the river to try to catch a glimpse of Dayle, our son Travis and his friend Ernie who were out on the river in our C-Dory fishing.  We didn't see them so I pulled in to show Gracie Beacon Rock State Park... she'd never been there!  When I looked at this photo I thought how nice it would be to pack a lovely picnic to dine at that table.. with a tablecloth and all.  :-)

Beacon Rock is 848 feet tall and was first named by Lewis & Clark who called it Beaten Rock.  It's volcanic basalt.

I also showed Gracie the pretty little creek burbling along to empty into the mighty Columbia River.

I wish you could have heard the lovely music of this water.

Yesterday Dayle volunteered with me in the Visitors Center of Multnomah Falls.  After all the rain the falls was GUSHING and ROARING!  7,500 gallons per second when the falls are very full like yesterday.

It was very dramatic with a cloud so low right by the falls.

The roar of the falls was amazing.

We had lunch before volunteering in this wonderful old lodge.. there is a wood fire going all fall and winter and spring..  the leaves are turning.. so pretty.

The green glass ball that we had hanging up has a stamp on the pontil or plug end of the ball.. Betsy, can you ask your son what this one means?  :-)

I made a baby hat for my brother's son's new baby girl with the new yarn.. and I am going to make 2 more for her older sisters.  We'll be at the beach next week and they live nearby.. I hope to be able to give the 3 hats to them at that time.

This one is for the oldest of the girls.. I just love how it self-stripes and the luscious colors.

My little oak splint basket from the Appalachian mountains.. just the size for my hat-making.  This will be going to the beach with me.

The yarn.  100% acrylic.

Kristi has some smoked ham bone and navy beans in the Instant Pot.. we're experimenting with the slow cooker option on it.. she has celery, onions and carrots in it too.. it's starting to smell wonderful in here.. we'll have corn bread with it for dinner.  We're in the middle of big storm warnings here.. a tornado hit down on the coast and there is massive damage there.. it's all over the news.  The wind is blowing here and there is some sun and then black clouds .. I hope it's safe and dry where you are!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Hood, Farm Shop & More Treasures

Hello!  On Monday Gracie and I went swimming and cooked up some plans for afterwards as we paddled along.  We stopped at Michaels and I got some yarn for making a blanket for babies in need and some hats to send to Betsy for the underprivileged children she makes mittens for.  More on that later.  Then we went to Jonsrud Point to test out how my new iPhone 7 Plus would do on Mt. Hood photos.. there is a dusting of new snow up there!  Now.. it's a bit grainy.. but I still like the zoom on the Plus.

Here you can see the Sandy River which is fed from Mt. Hood run-off and of course rain.  :-)

At the viewpoint I enjoyed this Vine Maple which had turned red and orange.

They have Snow Berries at the point.

I snapped this photo of these red trees in a yard across from the point.

On my way home I went through the countryside and stopped at Burns Farm store to get some fresh produce.  

The front porch of the store had pumpkins and fall flowers.

The other side of the porch.. LOVE the old wagon full of pumpkins.

Inside the store it was fun to see the fresh apples and pears and pumpkins.

Fresh grapes and cherry tomatoes and even one hallock of strawberries!

Plums, apples.. 

And a whole section of fresh farm grown vegetables.. and a cooler with more.

And it was fun to see that there were Halloween decorations placed all around.

When I arrived home the sun was illuminating a Vine Maple tree in our own little forest!!  *snap*

The creek, waterfall and pond.

I brought home some fresh local corn, Kristi made a big salad bar for us.. and ham rollups filled with cream cheese.. and hot buttered corn!  

Kristi brought home a lot of things from her parents and grandparents since her mom sold her house.  Her grandfather had lived in Guam and brought home a lot of sea shells and glass fishing floats.  Here they are before I got busy giving everything a nice soapy bath.  :-)

She brought home a small collection of vaseline depression glass.. I'll show you more of that in my next post.  She gave them to me.  How sweet!  The pattern on these 3 plates is Florentine No. 1 made by Hazel Atlas glass from 1932 to 35.

This glass float came as is straight from the ocean.. I decided to go ahead and give it a good scrubbing.  :-)

Here is a light green one which Dayle hung up from a hook in the ceiling for me.. right in front of a dining room window.. I love it!

I will do a better job photographing these for an upcoming post.. but here are most of them in a basket.. see the clear one on top left?  That was the ocean covered one after it's bath.  :-)

This is the biggest and nicest one of all.. it's got a stamp on it which identifies the maker and place of origin.  Now I will try to find out where and who made it.

Here is the stamp.. Betsy.. can I ask a favor of you.. can you send this to your son in Japan and ask him what it says?  :-)

Here is a pretty fan coral.. I was very careful when washing it.. it's pretty delicate.

Well.. I have to hurry and pack my swim bag for a trip to the hot springs.  It's a pretty day so far but the clouds are expected and heavy rainy days to come.  How is it going where you are?  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)