Friday, May 18, 2018

A Gift from Q8 and Purple Iris

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday!  A beautiful hand stitched card from my darling blog friend Tammy who lives in Kuwait.  I'm in awe of the tiny stitches and gorgeous design and plan to frame this work of art so I can hang it in our den for all to enjoy.  *T*H*A*N*K* * *Y*O*U*!*!*!* Tammy!

I'm so attracted to the colors in this and the geometric designs.

We picked up the mail and headed to Multnomah Falls to pick something up at the visitors center and while Dayle walked in from the freeway parking lot I played with taking a photo of the card with the falls in the background.  :-)

The back of the card tells you the story of where it was created.  Tammy was born in the US but married a man from Kuwait and they have raised two sons there who are in college in the US now!  Do click on her link above and visit as she's just put up a new post with lots of travel photos and stories.

My purple Iris bloomed!  It's gorgeous and rich colored and I love it.  There are 3 of them in bloom now. :-)

I'm not sure which is the best angle to take a photo of an Iris, which image is your favorite?

Do you have any fun weekend plans?  We don't, but as you know.. I like a good amount of down time.  :-)  I'm off to swim in a few hours.  Thanks for visiting!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Garden Blooms and the Return of Stargazer

Hello!  I am so happy that a peony we got last year put out 4 buds this Spring and look.. they opened up over the last few days and they are swoon-worthy.  :-)

The color is closer to the first photo, but here is a more open flower.  :-)

And I wanted to show you our legendary and massive and tall dark pink Rhododendron.  

These really are show-stoppers.

These three flowers are forming a heart.. awww.

Then I snapped this image of the blue sky with puffy clouds and the big chestnut tree covered with prickly nuts.

There are some Irises we planted last year ready to open - I can't wait to see what they look like.

And this iris bloomed.  We got this in a mixed bag of bulbs, I would never pick such a colorless bloom.  LOL!

Now it's story time.  If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know we used to have a sailboat named Stargazer.  I loved that boat and the adventures we had on her.  But in 2014 we finally sold her as we just weren't using her enough.  :-(  I wrote a blog post about it, HERE.  Below is one of my favorite photos of her, at anchor in Government Cove near Cascade Locks in the Columbia River.  I took the photo with my waterproof camera while swimming in the late afternoon sunshine.

Dayle got this shot of me at the helm when we were sailing in the Pacific Ocean when we had her moored in Newport, OR one summer.

SO.. we had sold the boat to Mike and Mary from Montana.. but then a few days ago I got a "Messenger" request on Facebook from a name I did not recognize.. it was from Erica who told me she now owned Stargazer and it's back in Portland, OR!  We chatted at some length and have planned to meet for lunch with both of our husbands next week!  :-)  She shared these photos of her daughters having a sleepover on the boat when she had it decorated for Christmas!  Isn't that the coolest thing ever?

Her youngest in the quarter-berth.  It totally warms my heart to see my beloved boat is being treasured again by this family.  

And so the story continues.. Erica has invited me to see the boat, too.  :-)  I hope your week is going well.  Thank you for visiting and to those who leave such heartwarming comments.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Celebrating Those Who Nurture

What a wonderful weekend we had, the weather was simply perfect.  Sunny and warm and pleasant.  Dayle and our son Travis went to Costco on Saturday and returned home with arms full of flowers for Kristi and I for Mother's Day.  I want to recognize ALL those who nurture their friends and family and even their pets - men, women, all of those who care for us all.  

Dayle got me some pretty two-toned roses and also a bunch with blood red and white ones.  Kristi's favorite are yellow roses.

My daughter Amy in Ohio sent me this wonderful hand-crafted oak wooden spoon, isn't it neat?

I oiled it with mineral oil and it drank it in.  

And it even has my name on it!  Fun!

I made baked beans yesterday for a Mother's Day BBQ and used my new spoon to stir it as it simmered on the stove for a few hours.  :-)

My Sensation Lilac has fully bloomed out and now I'm trying to figure out the very best place to plant it so it can thrive.  

We relaxed on the deck a lot over the weekend, listening to the little waterfall's sounds and the birdsong.

My Lantana's are adjusting to their new home and seem to be growing in front of my eyes.

Every year I see more varieties of these.  Some are orange, yellow and pink, like this one, some are mostly yellow, some are more pastel.  :-)

Kristi worked hard in the yard over the weekend and so we went to Tad's for dinner on Saturday evening.  I wanted to tell you that after a 6 month regimen of low carb, and a loss of 25 lbs., I have gone back to eating what the rest of the family is having.  I decided that any meal regimen that forbade fruit, carrots, peas, corn and potatoes, bread, pasta and rice wasn't good for a long-term plan.   

One of the highlights of my weekend is when my grandson Hayden handed me this card he made for me.  :-)

I think I might need to frame this and keep it forever!  :-)

Our pink Rhododendron is in bloom and the bright orange azalea that Kristi planted a few years ago is doing well!

All of my Hostas are doing extremely well this year so I've decided to plant the rest of this tiered area with them.  It's a shady area and these do really well there.

More Lantana pix.

Look at my purple Clematis.. wow.. now that's purple!

My pink Rosebud Azalea is stunning each year.

And my huge bright fuchsia Rhodie.. I have at least 3 of these, the one across the circle drive is 25 feet tall!

These really are eye-poppers!

The white with dark purple markings.

And I picked a nice bunch of Lily-of-the-Valley!

I meant to put these in a smaller vase but yesterday was busy so I stuck them in this glass tumbler for awhile.. they're still there.. lol.

Dayle BBQed chicken, I made the baked beans, doctoring up canned baked beans with ketchup, some mustard, brown sugar and I sliced up a whole orange and added them while they simmered and oh-la-la.. they were good!  And the first potato salad of the summer.. Yukon Gold potatoes, hard boiled eggs, chopped celery, mayo, mustard and chopped pickles.  Picnic food!  

Well, I must dash to my DAR meeting and then to swimming.. have a super week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, May 11, 2018

Sensation Lilac and More Attic Treasures

Hello! Thanks for dropping by!  I just have to show you my special lilac is in bloom and I'm over the moon about it.  It's name is "Sensation" and I think it's a perfect name.  Funny story - I went to the Hulda Klager Lilac garden years ago and bought this cultivar - planted it and waited a year for it to bloom and what do you know.. it turned out to be a common lavender colored one.  Boo.  I meant to get a new one for years and finally last year found this one at Al's Garden Center.  You must know how pleased I was that a year later it bloomed with these spectacular blossoms!  :-)

Every day I go out and admire it.  LOL!

Kristi got this pretty pink Lilac for me but I'm not sure of the name of it.  Isn't it feathery and sweet?

Our first Iris to bloom.. it's a dwarf one that I think I got from my blog friend Kathy.

Now.. to show you more treasures that Kristi found in her attic clean-out.  I was so happy to see this little blanket, I made it for my last baby, Travis.  It's been laundered and came through without one unraveling.

Also found is this granny square blanket I made 40 years ago to put on the back of our sofa.  I did it in stained glass colors.  After it's washing there were two holes which I've darned together with my black linen thread and it's good to go.  :-)

And last but not least.. she found something I was hoping she would.. this knitted poncho.  I made it 40 years ago, also.  I spun all the alpaca myself on my spinning wheel, then designed the poncho myself and knitted it.  It had somehow been relegated to the attic and I often wondered where it was.  But Kristi found it!  YAY!  

As a lifelong "hippie chick" this wrap fits me perfectly.  I had to darn a hole in it where either a mouse chewed through the yarn or a moth ate it, but the repair turned out okay.  I need to give it a good wash in the sink with some soapy water and hang it back out on the deck to dry.  

I made this necklace around the same time, with a big amber bead, some clam shell beads, black clay beads and root beer colored glass beads.  

You sure can see how rustic the texture of my spun alpaca is!  But that's okay with me.  

The pretty hand painted plate below was a recent gift from one of my pool friends!  Gracie and I swim at the same time on M-W-F and have made friends with 3 guys, Big Mike, Scooter Bill and Nice Dave.  Yes, I have nicknames for my swim buddies.  Dave and I have chatted about our hobnail glass collections and he's the one who told me of the Violet perfume bottles.  WELL.. on Monday while swimming Dave told me he had a gift for me and would leave it at the front desk.  Look how pretty it is?  What a neat surprise!

More attic finds, a blue pitcher I don't remember, a little child-size Tupperware pitcher, a bunch of antique bottles and a stainless steel milk strainer when we were milking a herd of Nubian dairy goats here.  :-)

Look at this neat old paper stopper on this old milk bottle.

I do love my little collection of old bottles and jars.

And old Milk of Magnesia bottle.

Two old medicine bottles with the company name embossed on the side.

I love this big two quart brown glass Purex bleach bottle.  I'm not exactly sure where to put these but will figure out something.  NOT back in the attic.  :-)

On Tuesday my sisters and Shirley and I met for lunch at Fir Point Farms - a fun farm shop/cafe/nursery/bakery/gift shop.  :-)  We each had a hand crafted sandwich made with bread from their ovens.

The front of the place, a very fun experience.  

Then off we went to Margie's Nursery to find some flowers!

I got a red banana plant as a gift for Dayle as he loves them, a "Baby Tut" Papyrus for the pond, and 4 different varieties of Lantana.  Dayle planted them for me.  :-)

The orange azalea that Kristi got a few years ago has done well in the "no man's land" that K fixed up with weed barrier fabric then covered it with colored stones.

I hope you've enjoyed my garden photos and attic treasures.  Now I'm off to go swimming.  Have a fabulous weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)