Monday, August 29, 2016

PWF Event & Helicopter Ride

Hello my friends!  I hope you had a good weekend.  We had a busy day on Saturday.  We held an event at the Portland Women's Forum State Scenic Viewpoint as one of a series of events put on this summer to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Historic Columbia River Highway.  We had several booths set up and this was our view.  :-)  

This is our booth - I'm on the left, then member Betty and President of PWF, Bev.  We represented 3 organizations.  Portland Women's Forum, Friends of Multnomah Falls and the Friends of Vista House.  :-)

Looking out from behind the table.. it was a perfect weather day, warm with a cool breeze.  Lots of people came by to talk to us and learn more about our groups.  I even signed up two new members for PWF and sold some postcards for FOMF.

Below is Wes Post, his great-grandfather was Charles W. Post, famous in our area for doing a series of paintings of the gorge from a tent he set up right on this viewpoint at the turn of the century.  He brought one of his paintings to share with us and book about his famous ancestor.

The beautiful booth of the Friends of the Historic Columbia River Highway put up by Jeanette Kloos, President and founder of the FHCRH - the group that spearheaded the "Season of Celebration" of the Centennial Celebration of the HCRH.

This neat photo op, you could stand behind the antique car and get your photo taken.

Oregon Parks and Recreation Dept. also had a booth, they are the partners of PWF for the viewpoint.  They brought two huge cakes and punch to share with visitors.

A highlight of the day - Peg Willis brought a band of string instrument players all the way from Pendleton, Oregon to play for the event for 2 hours.  What fun that was!!  They played vintage songs from the turn-of-the-century.

I wish I'd videotaped them playing, but I was busy at our booth.

Dayle gave Peg some $$ to treat all the kids to ice cream on their way home.

Peg Willis designed this cross stitch kit and I'd always wanted one, so Dayle got one for me.  New project for the winter!

We also invited a local author to join us during the event - Laura Foster - we bought this book from her and I look forward to reading it.  She also joined PWF and will be giving a program during our Author's Day.  We also found out that she was at Waldo Lake at the same time we were and remembered our shade canopy and rainbow bunting!!  :-)

Now for a change of subject.. look what was hanging out in my sister Denise's backyard!!!  Her easy chair is in a corner of her den with two huge windows and her BBQ is right outside in her view.. she heard a ruckus and saw this guy trying to catch a squirrel that was hiding under her BBQ!  It's a gorgeous Bobcat.  But she lives in the middle of Portland and this is an amazing "neighbor" for her.

Our son Travis and DIL Kristi took the boys to the beach for an overnight trip and on the 2nd day they came across a helicopter company and the three guys got to go up for a short ride!

How exciting for all three of them!!

Hayden didn't want to be up front so Caleb got the cat bird's seat.

Kristi brought home a "Crown of Thorns" (Euphorbia Milii) plant yesterday, have you ever seen one like this?  It's huge and gorgeous!

I love the blotchy color in the flowers -- it's supposed to bring good luck.

So.. off to swim soon.. I hope you have a great day.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hot Springs and Serendipity

Hello my friends!  My friend Gracie and I headed off for lunch on Wednesday and then to the hot springs for our lap swimming.. we dined at Big T's in Stevenson and Gracie spotted the American Empress in the distance from the restaurant.  So, after lunch we took a detour down to the dock so we could get a better look.  First a shot of the stern of the boat.  All the cruisers had boarded a tour bus to go adventuring, while the hard working crew unloaded refuse and cleaned the boat and began preparing for the evening meal.  

Such a big paddle wheel!

We then drove to Bob's Beach, the neat little park downstream a bit where all the windsurfers launch their craft to ply the river having fun.  I love seeing this big boat on the river!

Then we saw the much smaller Sternwheeler Columbia Gorge heading towards the big boat.. I envisioned a fabulous photo of the two of them together...

Awww.. dang.. it turned before it posed for the perfect photo for me.. and headed back downstream.

I was pleased to see how clean and clear the river is looking.

The park has several oak trees and we picked up a handful of acorns.

I thought it was neat to see a peek of the big ship behind the charming log cabin.. what a juxtaposition of images!  Can you imagine if you were staying in the cabin and had that pretty ship looming off your front deck?

We then drove to Bonneville Hot Springs for a wonderful swim.. the day was hot, in the 90s, the pool was cool and perfect and we even had it mostly to ourselves for our hourlong lap swim!  I must say, the day was a balm to my spirit.  We then drove back over the Bridge of the Gods, picked up a refreshment at the East Wind Drive-In and drove to the Cascade Locks Marine Park to enjoy watching the river.. talk about good timing, the big boat pulled away from it's dock and headed downriver towards Bonneville Locks to go through the locks and head on west to Portland.

I zoomed in to snap a shot of the paddlewheel as it went by.

It was time to head home so we drove down to my little park under the Bridge of the Gods just in time to see the boat go by heading to the dam.

I got home just in time for a lovely dinner prepared by my wonderful DIL Kristi.  Sesame Ginger Salmon, Jasmine Rice and perfectly cooked asparagus.  For the recipe for the marinade and sauce, click here.

I had to share a surprise that arrived the other day -- a gift from Tammy from Kuwait.

What a dear person she is!  She sent me a crocheted washcloth and a darling crocheted coffee cup coaster!  The best part was the heartfelt note she wrote to me.. she always inspires me how she works in the community garden in her city, teaching children different crafts, meeting with friends to crochet and knit and leaving little crocheted gifts in public places for people to find and take home.  Thank you, Tammy!

I am off to swim soon.  Back to LA Fitness - I hope it's not too crowded!  Tomorrow will be an event at Portland Women's Forum.. shall I take some photos to share?  OK, I will!  :-)  A 10 piece band will be playing, that should be fun!  Enjoy your weekend.. make the most of it!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Garden Bounty, Petals and Catch of the Day

We have a garden!  Thanks to Kristi and her mom.  Kristi and the boys raised some plants from seeds, then her mom brought out big black pots and some soil and taught the boys how to pot the little plants.. and now look!  We have some watermelons on the vine!

The pots are in a line in a sunny place in our circle driveway.  There are cucumbers, watermelons, zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

I'm so happy as I've wanted to grow cucumbers for years and we finally have some.  Kristi even baked two zucchini breads for us to take to camp for our breakfasts.

Aren't they gorgeous?

The basket Kristi and Travis gave me for Mother's Day is still doing beautifully.

Our smaller one is pretty, too.

I couldn't be happier with my metal basket of succulents.  I hope to be able to winter it over.

We have 4 different varieties of Lantana this year, in this pot is the yellow and orange and yellow and white ones.

This one is the white, yellow and pink one.

And my favorite of all is the rainbow one.. the buds are purple and salmon pink which open to yellow, orange and pink.. and when it's fully open it's all pink!

The ivy geranium.. love the stripiness of this one.

On the menu tonight.. soy ginger salmon.  :-)  Our son Travis and his work friend Ernie had a successful fishing trip the other day.  

Travis holding the day's catch of steelhead salmon.

They took a third friend and this is the day's haul.  Ernie on the right.  Travis and Ernie took Dayle with them yesterday, too.

Back to the garden.. I was alone at the farm yesterday and enjoyed some quiet time on the deck with the sound of the waterfall.. my moss rose basket brings much joy.

The interesting flowers on a different cultivar of geranium.

I got a King Tut Papyrus this spring and we placed it in the pond as they like to be moist and I was thrilled to see it shooting up to almost 5 feet tall!  It's in the back.. the papyrus in the front is called Mini-Tut I think.

Enjoying the flowers above me with the blue sky above.  Ahhh summer.  I love thee.

Looking up to the back garden.. the Blue Fountain Bamboo is doing well.

A turn of the head and looking down toward the barn.  I do love living on 5 acres of our own land.

One last shot of petunia color.. :-)

Well.. I better put this post up quick, Gracie will be here any minute and we're heading off to the hot springs to do our lap swimming.. lunch first.. :-)  I hope you are enjoying flowers and the bounty of summer.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)