Monday, April 24, 2017

Pacific Exploration Further South

The weather on Friday was supposed to be spectacular, so we set out on an adventure.  This was our sea by our caravan as we pulled out that day.  

It was a high tide, the waves were breaking right near the sea wall.

This is the view looking south.

Earlier before we left I had seen a group of seals out in the water so I zoomed in and saw them with their flippers sticking up, I googled it and apparently they sleep while floating in a group and stick their flippers up.. funny, huh?

We stopped at Georgies Grill for lunch and Dayle had a Dungeness crab wedge salad.

I had halibut fish and chips!

After lunch we drove around the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse, look at that blue sky!

Then we snapped a photo of the Yaquina Bay Bridge which we would soon be driving over to head south.  

Years ago we'd found this little beach access and walked down on the beach and saw people with bags of agates.. we began looking and we ourselves found a large collection of them!  Funny as we've checked each time we're here since and not one agate to be found.  It's so odd how that goes.  Dayle took Buddy for a nice beach walk but no agates were found.

I spied a fishing boat and zoomed in for a shot.

And then we hit the road south as I had wanted dearly to return to see the Heceta Head Lighthouse south of Waldport and North of Florence, Oregon.  We had never gone down to the park below it but we did this time!  There is a rocky beach and protected cove there and up on the hill is the beautiful lightkeeper's house.  The lighthouse is behind those trees on the left, someone needs to cut some of those darn trees down so you can see it from the park!  :-)

I think of the families that lived here over the years and hopefully had many happy times in this beautiful home.

People sure were enjoying the beach.

Dayle was wearing his Purple Heart cap and a man in the car parked next to us thanked him for his service and then they began sharing war stories.  I listened and enjoyed the view of the Pacific Ocean.

I walked down the sidewalk and saw this fun old VW "truck" that had a canvas cover of the pickup bed.  Have you ever seen one like this?

We then got back on highway 101 and as the road curved up the hill I pulled off at a viewpoint.. this was the moment I'd been waiting for.. an opportunity to capture images of the picturesque Heceta Head Lighthouse!  Do you see it?  This shot encompasses the whole scene.

A bit of zoom takes you closer so you can see the lighthouse and outbuildings.  I think this just may be the most picturesque of Oregon lighthouses!

There is a light that flashes on and off and I can't tell you how hard I tried to get a photo when it was bright.  :-)

The closest of all.. I was very pleased with the shots I got on my pocket sized Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60.

We then drove on to visit Florence.. no photos there but we were amazed at how much growth of this town, it used to be small and sleepy with a fun old town on the Siuslaw River.  Funny story.. I googled "best restaurants in Florence" and told Dayle.. this is weird, all the places are Italian!".. then I realized I had googled Florence, Italy!  LOL!  Below is a photo of the Salal plants that are outside our caravan/trailer.  Salal berries were an important food source for the local native people.

We had a LONG drive that day and I kept an eagle eye on the sun as it was setting and we got "home" just in time to snap a few images of a fire-y sky.

See the bird in the sky?

Day is done.. gone the sun.. from the lake, from the hills, from the sky...

Saturday had some morning rain and more nice weather the rest of the day.. then we've had a few days of a lot of rain, but we still enjoy ourselves here.  My sister Denise drove down for a visit yesterday and we went out for dinner and some adventuring.  She spent the night in a hotel and is here now visiting with us.  Another lunch out together and then she heads home.  I hope your week will be wonderful.  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Friday, April 21, 2017

At The Beach

Hello!  We made the trek to the beach yesterday and had a nice evening of partly cloudy and sunny weather.  We got all set up in our spot in the RV park, this is our view!  We went to dinner and had some clam chowder and halibut, Dayle had a wedge salad with crab.  We arrived back "home" and were treated to this sunset. 

The morning dawned with with only wispy clouds and we have the door open on the trailer listening to the ocean roar!  One problem is that the RV park told us the wifi is out in our spot - so get this - I just turned the "hotspot" on my phone and am using that to access the internet to post this!  LOL!  Modern technology.  Amazing.

I realized that I left my media card reader for my camera to upload photos to my computer at home.. dang.. so now I will try to learn how to transfer my photos to the MacBook Pro using Bluetooth.. or some other magic.  Wish me luck.

Isn't the Pacific Ocean gorgeous?  So clean and blue.  We saw a pod of seals floating out in those waves earlier.  We keep watching for grey whales.  Anyway.. we're ready to hop in the car (I drove mine down so we had a smaller vehicle for our adventuring instead of Dayle's big Dodge Ram 1 ton dually truck) and do some exploring and find lunch somewhere fun.  I hope you have a fab weekend!!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Girls Lunch at Skamania Lodge

My sisters Roberta and Denise and honorary sister Shirley went to Skamania Lodge in Stevenson, Washington yesterday for an early birthday celebration for me.  :-)  We got a lovely table by the window and this was our view.  Nice, huh?  That is the Columbia River and Oregon across the river.  We're looking East.

This is a zoom, that is Wind Mountain with Dog Mountain right behind it.  I climbed to the top of both of them while attending Camp Wind Mountain, a Girl Scout Camp, when I was was in grade school.  Great memories.

I had the bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries.. the server forgot to ask how I'd like it cooked and it came very rare and we had to send it back.  Funny thing is the server then brought me a birthday sundae "to give me something to do while waiting for my meal".  LOL!  So, I had some fries, a few bites of burger, then ice cream and cookie, then another burger that I was too full to eat and had to bring home.  LOL!  Oh well.. it was all good.

After lunch we had a wander around the lodge, this is the bar with a wonderful rock fireplace - that's a photo of Lewis & Clark on the mantel.

On down to the main lobby with an even more massive stone fireplace with a fire crackling in the hearth.

Looking out across the lobby to the river view.  I must say we enjoyed browsing the gift shop which has a nice collection of Pendleton bags and blankets and other woodsy gift items.

As we left the lodge I pulled over to snap this shot of the front of it.. it's quite an impressive lodge and I've always felt that it looks very similar in design to Timberline Lodge.  Very Pacific Northwest.  It is called Cascadian Architecture.  This area is part of the Cascade Mountain Range.

A closer look at the lobby center area.

We then drove the short distance into Steveson, WA for a cruise about.. we stopped at "Bob's Beach" where the windsurfers launch from for a short time to just enjoy the view of the river.

I then drove us down to the boat launch and park to show the girl's where we take our boat and tie up at the dock and let the boys swim in the summer while we have our picnic dinner.  :-)

The local sheriff's were just loading their boat on the trailer after rescuing a boater who's engine had died.  I actually thanked the sheriff for his work helping boaters in distress.  Who knows, one day we might need their help!

Isn't this a nice free birthday dessert?  :-) My sister Roberta bought my lunch for my gift, Shirley gave me a scented candle and 2 lovely greeting cards and Denise gave me 2 loaves of her homemade wheat bread along with a jar of peanut butter and jam for us to take on our trip to the beach!  Thanks, ladies!

Today we have to go get my driver's license renewed.. ugh.  Then home to do more packing.. and tomorrow we drive to the beach for a whole week of seaside fun!  The next time I check in, it will be from there.. so.. see you on the flip-side!  Have a great weekend!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-) 

Monday, April 17, 2017

New Chicken Coop - Installed!

Hello!  It was a busy weekend for this farm family.  Dayle and Travis managed to pull out the old chicken house using the tractor and get the ground ready for the new one.  They used the tractor to do some leveling and then Travis used a rake to further flatten it.  Then they took the truck and got 1 1/4 tons of gravel to put on the site.  

We had an unplanned dog emergency, so Travis and Kristi had to go take one of their dogs to the vet.  Travis returned and raked it flat.  

Meanwhile Dayle and our grandsons, 8 & 9 years old, shoveled the gravel out of the truck onto the ground.  This photo shows Hayden and grandpa working - there is a big dirty spot on the garage from where the old coop butted up against it, we have to scrub that clean now.  Hopefully we'll have the house and outbuildings painted "barn red" this summer.

Here is Caleb helping with the project.  I am so happy they get to grow up on the farm with us and learn how to work and take care of things.

To further make the base stable the guys laid down two rows of concrete pavers as a foundation.  Dayle had bought a bag of chopped straw to lay inside the coop and to fill the nest boxes.  I fluffed the nests around and laid two "fake" eggs inside so the chickens would know where to lay their eggs.  Dayle bought the two eggs at the farm store and they are really NICE.. they are ceramic and actually look and feel exactly like a real egg.  I put and X in black on the bottom so whoever picks up the eggs will know to leave these in there.  :-)

Here are the 5 nest boxes all set up.  

I pulled up a camp chair and watched the chickens as they tried to figure out how to get into the new coop.  The old door was at ground level, this one is up a ramp.  They kept trying to find their old door and were rather confused.  

The grey one is named "Gracie", she's an Ameraucana that lays aqua eggs.  They other is Shelby who lays a brown egg.  Gracie was the smartest and bravest and finally went up the ramp into the coop.  Shelby nervously strutted around wondering where she'd gone.  Gracie came out and visited with her and then went back in.. after 3 times seeing her do that, Shelby finally went up the ramp!  Success!  This was Saturday evening, and the automatic door worked and shut at dark.  Yesterday on Easter Sunday - Caleb checked the nests and both chickens laid their eggs in a nest, neither one in a nest with a fake egg.  LOL!  I was so happy they used the nest boxes and the eggs were completely clean as opposed to how the ended up when they were laying under the roost in the old coop.  Success!

The Easter Bunny hid some eggs and here are the boys with theirs.  :-)

The DIL bunny even left some gold eggs hidden for grandma! :-)

I'd ordered these on Amazon when I was sending a big Dove chocolate bunny and a cute stuffed rabbit to my granddaughters that live way way far away in Ohio.  I've been sharing these with the family.. they are yummy!

We had a different Easter dinner - instead of a ham we had baked pork chops.  While it was very good, I hope we go back to a ham next year.  But we had such a nice dinner all together.  We toasted each other with sparking cider.

Dayle prepared the feast of baked pork chops, fried Yukon gold potatoes and onions and boiled corn on cob.  Num!

My daughter shared a photo with me of Paige and Jenna with their gifts from us.  The Gund stuffed bunnies look so real, I almost got one for myself!  LOL!  I sure do miss being able to see these precious girls more often.  

It was a bittersweet weekend as the kids found that their dog Bubba was terminally ill with cancer and so they had to make the hard decision of putting him out of his misery.  It's been very hard on Kristi.  

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead.  We are preparing to head to the coast this week!  ((hugs)), Teresa :-)